• Course

    Concrete Cutting & Coring - 40 hours / 5 days

    This course covers the proper safety, use, and handling of concrete sawing equipment. The course has extensive hands-on training in the use and operation of:

    • Walk-behind saws
    • Hydraulic track-guided wall saws
    • Floor saws
    • Coring & drilling equipment
    • Handheld hydraulic chainsaw
    • Hearing conservation
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  • Course

    Concrete Patch & Repair - 40 hours / 5 days

    Students learn how to repair both fresh and hardened concrete products. Also covered is learning what causes and how to identify and repair concrete surface defects, such as:

    • Excessive bleeding
    • Blisters
    • Sticky mixes
    • Abnormal or inconsistent setting times
    • Rock pockets
    • Applying RACO products

    Hardened concrete problems

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  • Course

    Concrete Placement - 80 hours / 10 days

    Concrete is the most versatile construction material ever invented, and it is used in one application or another on almost every construction project. All construction craft laborers must understand and be able to: 1) prepare for concrete placement; 2) place it correctly, and 3) predict the chemical reactions that will occur when it cures.

    Concrete is a major job-skill area within the spectrum of work performed by construction craft laborers. This is a “must-have” course for any career laborer.

    This course includes:

    • Preparing for placement
    • Calculating quantities
    • Cement-to-water ratios
    • Chemical reactions during curing
    • Mixing basics
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  • Course

    Concrete Placement (Advanced) - 80 hours / 10 days

    This course provides additional information for the more advanced concrete worker. Trainees should have at least 1 year of concrete experience or have completed the Basic Concrete Placement class. This course covers various advanced aspects of concrete placement, including:

    • Materials
    • Specifying the concrete mix
    • Curing materials and methods
    • Air-entrainment of concrete/aggregate
    • Repair – causes and control of cracks
    • Concrete forms and forming
    • Hearing conservation
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