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    State and federal regulations require training and credentialing for any employee who operates a powered industrial lift truck (forklift) on a construction site.

    This course includes:

    • Operator responsibilities
    • Maintenance and fueling
    • Understanding load charts
    • Estimating load weights
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    About the forklift training and safety course

    At NWLETT, we pride ourselves on delivering industry-standard forklift training, specifically rough terrain forklifts, that ensures every professional achieves forklift operational excellence. From foundational knowledge to advanced techniques, our courses are designed to prepare you for real-world scenarios. 

    Why Choose NWLETT for Forklift Training? 

    When you choose the NWLETT apprenticeship program, you’re not just getting a training program; you’re investing in a future based on instructors with real world experience. Our proven track record in professional training is backed by certified forklift trainers and a curriculum that emphasizes practical exercises. We ensure that every participant is competent to operate with a thorough evaluation of the operator’s performance in the workplace. 

    Comprehensive Course Overview 

    Our comprehensive forklift course covers everything you need: 

    • Rough Terrain Forklift Operations: Dive deep into the world of powered industrial trucks, ensuring a robust foundation for all participants. You will master the concepts of center of gravity, lift force, momentum, traveling, operating speed, load capacities, fork types, fork positioning, hydraulic speeds, lifting, moving and landing. 
    • Safety Protocols: Forklift safety protocols are our top priority. Our program ensures that every operator understands and adheres to the procedures that prevent accidents. Protocols include personnel communications, identifying hazards, estimating load weights, vision obstructions, terrain configuration and conditions and refueling. Last but not least, you will understand the proper procedures to mount and dismount the forklift.  
    • Equipment Mastery: Regular forklift maintenance and checks are crucial. Our courses detail every aspect, ensuring prolonged equipment life and operator safety. You will learn the proper procedures for pre and post-start inspections, items on the forklift that require regular maintenance, gauge, engine, power train and electrical system inspections.  
    • There is no OSHA specification or guideline pertaining to specific forklifts] NWLETT issues a forklift certification card to students who complete the training. The certification is required to be renewed every three years. 

    Forklift Safety: Ensuring Safe Operations Every Time 

    Safety is the bedrock of every operation involving heavy machinery. At NWLETT, our commitment to forklift safety is unwavering. Ensuring every forklift operator can work with confidence, competence, and peace of mind is our top priority. 

    Our forklift safety protocols are crafted in alignment with the highest industry standards. From understanding the potential risks associated with forklift operation to best practices to reduce or eliminate hazards, we cover it all. 

    Key Aspects of our Forklift Safety Training

    • Understanding Risks: Every machine comes with its set of challenges. Our courses dive deep into recognizing these risks and effectively mitigating them. 
    • Equipment Checks: Regular forklift maintenance and checks are essential to ensure safe operations. Learn how to routinely inspect your forklift, ensuring it’s always in optimal working condition. 
    • Safe Handling Practices: We emphasize forklift handling best practices, ensuring loads are balanced, secured, and transported safely. Avoiding tip-overs, collisions, and other potential hazards becomes second nature. 

    For those serious about their safety and the safety of those around them, our construction safety page delves deeper into the comprehensive measures and standards NWLETT upholds across all its courses. 


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