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    Safety & Hazard Awareness for Tunnels (SHAFT) - 40 hours / 4 days

    The most serious hazards associated with tunneling operations and the proper methods for working safely in underground construction is the focus of this course. It is intended to provide participants with a basic awareness of underground construction activities and their respective hazards.

    Topics include hazards, access/egress, air monitoring and ventilation, fire prevention and protection, brass in/out, illumination, loci and mechanized equipment, industry best practices, tunnel vocabulary, cranes and hoist safety, confined space awareness, conveyer systems and slurry plant operations, segment erection, rail and utilities safety, personal protection equipment, communications, site control procedures, hyperbaric operation basics, excavation and ground stability, TRT/rescue services and tools.

    Please note this class may not address all of the hazards that one may encounter while working in a tunnel and does not replace the job-specific safety training that an employer is required to provide before one begins working on a tunnel project.

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