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    Traffic Control (WA, OR, ID) - 8 hours / 1 day

    This traffic control course is recognized and valid for flaggers in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. Written traffic scenarios are used for hands-on exercises. Topics covered include:

    • Clothing and equipment
    • Safety and positioning of traffic elements
    • How to stop and release traffic
    • Slowing and directing of traffic to other lanes
    • Stopping distance
    • Road conditions
    • One-way control
    • Taper length
    • Channeling devices
    • Signage
    • Night flagging
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    UDOT Certified Flagging (UT) - 8 hours / 1 day

    This course is designed to instruct students on how to deal with traffic in and around work zones. They include:

    • Proper clothing and personal protective equipment (PPE)
    • Safety
    • Positioning
    • Traffic elements
    • Stopping distances
    • Road conditions
    • Slowing, stopping, and releasing traffic
    • Direction of traffic to other lanes
    • One-way traffic control
    • Taper length and channeling devices
    • Signage placement
    • Night time and freeway flagging
    • Dealing with road rage

    It also covers environmental hazard awareness, including spiders, snakes. biohazards, and UV protection. This class is twice the required length for current certification requirements.

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  • Course

    Highway Work Zone Specialist (UT) - 8 hours / 1 day

    This is an advanced flagger course that expands on highway work zone safety for workers and is a prerequisite for becoming certified as a Traffic Control Maintainer (TCM); hours worked as a highway work zone specialist are applied toward the 2,000 hours of experience required to qualify for TCM certification. The course focuses on internal traffic safety control techniques, proper safety and handling of traffic control devices, and roadway work zone safety. It is unique to the development of our TCM participants and partner employers.

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  • Course

    Traffic Control Supervisor - 24 hours / 3 days

    The supervisory skills, duties, and responsibilities necessary to successfully control traffic are the focus of this course. Over three days, students receive instruction with legal issues such as liabilities, emergencies, documentation, governing documents (i.e., MUTCD, specifically part IV), contracts, and WSDOT or ODOT guidelines (depending on the state).

    Participants must complete the TCS and pass the exam with a score of 80% or better.

    PREREQUISITES: Applicants must have/provide the following to be considered for this course:

    • A current, state-approved flagging card from Idaho, Oregon, or Washington
    • TWO signed letters (typed and on company letterhead) verifying the applicant has at least 2,000 hours of work in traffic-related tasks, provided by any of the following who can verify the applicant’s knowledge and experience:
    • Employers (past/present), subcontractors, DOT inspectors, or other traffic control supervisors
    • Letters should include a brief history of the individual’s work experience, a summary of the projects they have worked on, and the approximate number of cumulated hours worked as a flagger/work zone worker
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  • Course

    UDOT Certified Traffic Control Maintainer (“TCM”) (UT) - 24 hours / 3 days

    This comprehensive course teaches the duties, responsibilities, and safety necessary to keep the motoring public and highway workers safe from traffic vehicles, including heavy equipment (backovers).

    TCMs configure work zones, set speed limits, and prepare tapers using traffic devices (barrels, cones, vertical panels, messaging boards, and arrow panels), place concrete barriers, set type three barricades, and oversee flagger positioning and supervision.

    Each UDOT project requires at least one TCM; this course provides three times the minimum length currently required for certification.

    PREREQUISITES: Applicants must have/provide the following to be considered for this course:

    • Northwest Laborers Flagging UDOT certification
    • 2,000 hours’ Highway Work Zone experience
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