Real-World Training Environment / Industry Best Safety Practices

Safety Hazard Awareness for Tunnels (SHAFT) program was developed by the Northwest Laborers-Employers Training Trust with input from a team of industry experts and stakeholders, The SHAFT program provides quality, comprehensive safety training for both new and experienced tunnel professionals. The curriculum is comprised of a blend of classroom discussion and use of materials and mockups in classes focusing on basic tunnel safety. Our facility, located in Elma, Washington, features a TBM mockup, loci, and access to 1,400’ feet of 12’ diameter tunnel, providing students with a unique, interactive educational experience.


The 40-hour classroom course (Four 10 hour days), students will learn the following topics:

Hazards, access/egress, air monitoring, and ventilation, fire prevention and protection, brass in/out, illumination, loci and mechanized equipment, industry best practices, tunnel vocabulary, cranes and hoist safety, confined space awareness, conveyer systems and slurry plant operations, segment erection, rail and utilities safety, personal protection equipment, communications, site control procedures, hyperbaric operation basics, excavation and ground stability, TRT/rescue services and tools.

Tunnel Rail

The 40-hour course (Four 10 hour days), students will learn about site rules, materials, and tools, a vocabulary of rail materials and tools, review job hazard analysis, procedures and equipment used in the assembling and disassembling of a tunneled rail. Students will also learn materials and tools, review job hazard analysis, procedures and equipment to assemble and disassemble a ring steel-lagging tunnel.

Tunnel Utilities

The 40-hour course (Four 10 hour days), students will learn site rules, materials and tools, a vocabulary of tunnel utilities and tools, review job hazard analysis, install and disassemble utilities, conveyor systems, and walkways.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend these classes?

If you are currently or anticipate working in a tunnel environment you are a candidate for any of our tunneling classes. Safety is not just a priority, it is a Core Value.

Where are the classes held?

All tunnel related training classes are held at the Northwest Laborers-Employers Training facility at the Satsop Industrial Park in Elma, Washington. Lunches are provided for each class. Lodging and food services are available in Elma or Montesano.

How can I sign up?

If you are a laborer and wish to enroll in one of our tunneling classes offered, you must contact your Local Business Manager to schedule a class.

Signatory contractors, who have a need to send their employees to any tunnel related class, please call our Kingston facility at 800-240-9112 for details.

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