celebrates 40
years of apprenticeship

About us

This page is a virtual “who’s who” of the Northwest Laborers-Employers Training Trust (NWLETT) team. And just as on the job site, each person’s position is critical to the success of the team.

It’s kind of like the Seahawks, except we’re strong at every position (We’re looking at you, offensive line).

Our Mission Statement

To provide continuous workforce education and training which meets industry needs, builds careers and increases our employers’ competitive advantage.



Stacy Martin – Chairman
John Adams
Dale Cannon
Dave Hawkins
Adam Lambe
Scott Holstrom


Brandon Dully
Dan Kuney
Casey Cocker
Andrew Ledbetter
Rod Majors

Meet Our Staff

NWLETT Training Directors

Brandon Jordan, Training Director
Mark Ware, Assistant Director

Apprenticeship Coordinators

Jose “David” Aguayo
Jamie Beethe
Jeremy Clevenger
Justin Coghill
DeAnn Deal
Aaron Delve
Miguel Edmondson
Luis Licea
Jesse Loose (Utah)


Donna Bowman
Dana Driscoll (Hospitality Manager)
Armando Duran
Cheryl Fogg
Cassie Garrison
Jennifer Malone
Rain Twells

Human Resources Director

Aimmee Shiplet, SPHR

Instructor Support / Site Maintenance

Gigi Keifert
Juan Torres Jr.


Mark Halvorson, Marketing Analyst

Night Security / Grounds Maintenance

Colby Overstreet
Zach Treadwell


Traci Affholter
(Administration / Spokane)
Alysia Burrows
(Administration / Utah)
Erika Andrew
Tracy Miller (Bookkeeper)
Becky Shields (Grants/Accreditation Coordinator)
Kylee Sullivan (Front Office Manager)
Jourdan Taylor (Apprenticeship/Front Office)
Katie Uhinck (Front Office)
Mandee Withem (Front Office)


Travis Affonce
Adrian Aguilar
Rory Chessie
Ian Coates
Seani Fitzpatrick
Casey Hawthorn
Paul Huston
Shad Jones
Kevin MacDonald
Ryan McDonald
Brandon Morris
Anthony O’Brien
Ronnie O’Connell
James “Doug” Rooks
Dottie Saliby
Ron Soete
Jakeh Timm
Rod Walsh
Shannon Williams
Judy Wilson



NWLETT celebrates 40 years of apprenticeship.


NWLETT Celebrates 40 years of apprenticeship.


NWLETT becomes accredited by the Council on Occupational Education (COE) and becomes a .edu.


NWLETT celebrates 30 years of apprenticeship; Seattle Seahawks win the NFL championship (see 1979).


Apprenticeship program length in Washington state increases from 4000 to 6000 hours.