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Due to our insurance renewal requirements, effective April 15, 2024, all NWLETT sites will be gun-free campuses.

NWLETT students will no longer be able to check in a weapon at the office, and will be prohibited from bringing any firearms and/or dangerous weapons on campus, with an exception for those with a concealed carry permit to lock them in their vehicles.

For further information, here is the full policy:

Firearms and Dangerous Weapons

Illegal possession, carrying, or discharge of any explosive, firearm, or other weapon (including shotguns, rifles, pistols, air guns, and pellet guns), is prohibited on campus.

  • Weapons. Possession, holding, wearing, transporting, storage, or presence of any firearm, dagger, sword, knife (including switchblades and butterfly knives), brass knuckles, blackjacks, nunchaku, or any other item specifically designed or intended for use as a weapon, and capable of producing bodily harm is prohibited on our campus’s, subject to the following exceptions:
    1. Commissioned law enforcement personnel or legally authorized military personnel while in performance of their duties;
    2. A student with a valid concealed weapons permit may store a firearm in his or her vehicle parked on campus in accordance with RCW 9.41.050, provided the vehicle is locked and the weapon is concealed from view.
  • Violation of this policy may result in disciplinary action, up to and including removal of student(s) and termination of employment for employees and contractors. Additionally, violators may be subject to legal prosecution under local, state, and federal laws.
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