April 7, 2024

Myth: People work in construction as a last resort.

Fact: Most construction professionals are exactly where they want to be. Construction offers a multitude of jobs for a variety of skill sets, from planning and building to organizing and managing. Individuals who start in a trade when they’re young receive more continual education and training than the majority of their professional counterparts. This is especially true when you consider that less than half of the workforce claims their job requires a college degree.

Construction workers are employed in an industry that typically works Monday through Friday, with regular working hours and holidays off. They are also fairly compensated for overtime. Plus, it is very satisfying to work in a profession where you can work with your hands as well as your head, and can see the products of your labor on a daily basis. Not to mention, the majority of houses, bridges, roads, high-rises, etc., that you build will be there for decades—if not centuries—to come.

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