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ANEW supports people through apprenticeships and pre-apprenticeships. One of ANEWs funding sources is for apprentices and pre-apprentices between the ages of 18-20. If you are between those ages, you may qualify for additional support services to support you through your apprenticeship.

Some of the items they can help with:


Prepaid phone

Phone bill

Electricity bill

Bus pass

Gas cards

Professional clothing

Work clothing

Work tools

Licensing fees

Emergency services (rent, utilities, car repairs, etc.)

Union dues and/or initiation fees

Apprenticeship books and tuition

*Passport funds are distributed on an as-needed basis.  The student must be able to relay what they need; they will then be provided with a voucher or a gift card.

Please contact Emily Stochel at 425.786.6512 or email her at [email protected] to see if you qualify for this resource.

You can also find more information and/or complete the enrollment form at www.anewaop.org/passport-to-apprenticeship/. Please send completed enrollment forms to [email protected].


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